Thursday, 3 March 2011

Birmingham to Kinver - Part 2

These escapees were looking very happy outside our boat when we left Bumblehole in the morning and we arrived at Merry Hill in pretty miserable weather but were greeted by Rock n' Roll & Seyella more cheerfully and with a cuppa and toasted buns which were wonderful, as was the company.

 Molly (the Patterdale) on Rock 'n' Roll with MR through the window (Daisy would love a spot like this).
 We waved them all off in the morning even Megs (the Bearded Collie) came out to say goodbye
More new friends met, made and enjoyed thanks, entirely, to blogs.
We stayed a second night & Lesley and I went to see the excellent (and surprisingly funny) King's speech.
We set off the next day for Stourbridge - I don't know if it was because I was unfit after our enforced winter ice confinement  but I found this day horrible and seriously long and tough. Here are some of the nice bits at the bottom end of the Stourbridge flight.
 An old stable block with horses in it!

 With 3 or 4 locks to go, both G and I had lost the will to live and eyed up this old derelict warehouse site as a potential overnight mooring (yes; we were that desperate).
Then we sawa flash of blue which made our spirits soar - not a Kingfisher, but Lesley the whirling lockwheeler in her blue jacket on her bike had come back to help us; setting the last locks as she joined us and working down the other side with me. Adam and Adrian (NB Debdale) had turned up and helped them down andLesley came back for us after seeing them off. Wat a bum piddle wee wee flight.
I was so sore and shattered that I couldn't rouse myself enough to walk into Stourbridge the next day and I was very pleased to leave; having our first proper country walk in ages out to Stewponey. Lovely. I think it was probably me out of sorts but it was hard and horrible.

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