Saturday, 5 March 2011

Birmingham to Kinver - Part 3

From Stewponey, Lesley and I slotted back into our walks into the lovely countryside as if there had never been an enforced break in citydom. Our usual setting off for an hours walk and getting a bit lost/carried away for 2 to 3 hours.
 I love these circular weir streams.
 We had intended to hang a right and head north at Stourton Junction with the Staffs and Worcester, but having walked to the left and found Kinver a quick change of plans was in order- we couldn't miss the run down to Kinver and Stourport; it was, simply, too gorgeous so the next day we hung a left with the boats.

 Now that's what I call a garden gate.
 Muttley was so thrilled to be back in the wilds he couldn't decide where to take his 'wack-wack' next!
I've just realised that it sounds like I'm knocking where we've been since November - I'm not. We've enjoyed our industrial history, met some great pople and enjoyed some superb entertainment but the countryside is why we, and our animals, chose this lifestyle and this is where we're 'right'. The Staffs & Worc is beautiful.

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