Thursday, 17 March 2011

Market Day in Market Drayton

Wednesday is Market Day so we wandered into town to explore and load up with lovely goodies from the market - they still also have a cattle market (and no, I didn't purchase a boat cow nor any chickens - still tempted by the idea though; I already walk the cat and dogs, so what difference the odd cow?). After which we needed reviving with a pint, G selected the Salopian Star as it was the first independant establishment we could find.
If you are in the area, the landlord is planning a beer festival over the last weekend in April with 12 additional real ales and 4/5 extra ciders + BBQ, hog roast and live music.
This is his dog, Aura.
She is gorgeous, but there is an awful lot of slobber in there for the unsuspecting cuddler!('phone pics again)

In the afternoon,Lesley and I did a lovely circular walk through woodland which will soon be a carpet of bluebells.

On the blog yesterday I mentioned that I had to purchase a new camera and I have had some good recommendations from you guys. I am not technical, so I started from the viewpoint of whose pics I most like which narrowed it down a bit and I finally decided to go with the Nikon as used by Carol on NB Rock'n'Roll. However G is technical and loves spending money so, whilst I was out with the dogs, he decided to up the spec to a Nikon S9100. I liked the idea of a bridging camera but it's just not practical whilst juggling dogs, windlasses, gates and paddles. It has to sit in a pouch on my windlass belt and, therefore, had to be a compact. hopefully it will arrive here tomorrow - I hate setting out without a camera - it's a way of life since starting the blog. I'll try not to drown it, although my boat contents insurance probably covers it; it did G's sat nav when he landed on it in the ice.

G took my Pentax Optio W90 camera to bits to try to repair it this afternoon. All I could hear was ouch, bugger, ouch bang as he received a stream of shocks from it (even with the battery out), I was in hysterics as he squealed like a stuck pig. I can now declare the camera well and truly dead. G is still alive with the most regular heart rhythm he's experienced in years - much cheaper than a defibrilator.

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