Friday, 18 March 2011

Lockwheeler for the day

Well, needless to say, no camera. Yesterday Amazon sent a text to say it was being prepped for despatch; this morning we had received a text saying they didn't have any and couldn't say when they would! I guess anything made in Japan at the moment is not going to happen; but why did they lie yesterday? Anyway; all very boring - alternative supplier (and cheaper) reckons he can have one here before 12 tomorrow; we'll see.
These pics are off my 'phone; better than nothing but not a lot.
Glorious weather and Caxton setting off this morning so we wandered the 3 miles up to the flight of 5 Adderley locks with the boys and lockwheeled Caxton down. The first lock had farm eggs for sale, homemade cakes and a menu for a vast array of farm sausages, including Jalapeno and pork.

Partially locked someone else up; waived goodbye to Caxton and then locked someone else down again. Such a gorgeous day that I was quite happy to hang around and set locks, then ambled the 3 miles back. Lovely old wharf conversion

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