Friday, 25 February 2011

Birmingham to Kinver - Part 1

Only in blog terms - that's how far I've fallen behind with the blog and, once that happens, the process of catching up is daunting. The sensible thing to do would be to start from here and now on the Staffs & Worcs, but I can't do that without missing out on some treasures like the meet up with Seyella and Rock n Roll ( you'll have read all about it on everyone elses blog anyway). So I'll just put up some pictures from the missing 2/3 wks to catch up. So....part 1 a visit back to the seaside to see Mum. No car this time so trotted along behind her scooter and saw bits of Caister I haven't seen before.

A shortcut through the cemetery was fascinating because of the local lifeboat - there have been so many tragedies.

A quick pop up out of the station at Norwich between train connections .... it seems I just can't get away from boats.
 Back to MR in B'ham about 3.30pm in the rain and he pulls pins!!! So we leg it down the BCN in the gathering gloom
It was just about dark when we moored behind Caxton at Bumblehole (and still raining), but the last hour was spent in the tunnel so it didn't much matter. Convoy re-established ready to start our much delayed cruise to Chester - OK so we're now heading South, but boating wouldn't be boating if you couldn't throw in the odd diversion when you fancied it!


  1. Hi Graham,
    My mum lives in Caister as well, on the main road at the North end near The Centurion and you must have walked past dad's grave.

  2. Hi Brian,
    Jill took the pictures when she went home to see her Mum, she lives in Seafield rd North.

  3. Good pub to visit in Stourport: The Hollybush, 54 Mitton Street (Off Vine Road Br5). Black Country ales plus guest. one of the friendliest pubs we've ever been to & made to feel very welcome by landlady Maggie Smith (no not THE Maggie Smith)

  4. Paid a visit today Sue; Maggie sends her regards; superb pub with excellent beer at £2 a pint