Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New ground to Gothersley

MONDAY: At last the sun is shining - it's been sulking since we invested in the solar panels. We passed the junction with the Stourbridge and so on to new ground walking through beautiful countryside to moor by Prestwood Bridge no 34 for Sunday and Monday nights. By us is the circular wall for one of the round weir run offs, no longer in use for it's original purpose but usd by the locals for bonfires. Daisy treated this, and the fallen trees, as her own personal adventure playground - with this and the sun all her Christmases had come at once.
This is a lovely mooring
The colours look more autumnal than spring-like in this late evening sun
We stayed in bed longer than we have been doing of late. Breakfasting on eggs from the garden of the cottage by the pack horse bridge and bacon smoked and cured in the garden of the Kinver butcher's friend. It doesn't get a lot better!
Lesley and I then set off to the woods at Gothersley.I'm so unfit after this winter that I thought the hills would kill me; I can walk forever on the flat. Lesley made me feel much better though by pointing out how red in the face I was.
The views from the top wre lovely though andI'm sure it was good for me. I don't think I've ever seen so many horses in one area-we frightened a few when we moored up.
Not a good pic, but this little guy was gorgeous
A truly lovely spot

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