Sunday, 27 March 2011

So what happened to my camera?

It's so bizarre that it's almost unbelievable-basically it's drowned; but not in the cut!
I carry both my phone and my camera in seperate cases on my trouser belt which, for three and a half years has worked well. Unfortunately, on this occasion, I hopped back onto the boat for a pee (even The Queen does it, I'm told), undid my belt as I went to sit, just as G hit a shoal whilst trying to pass some workboats. The boat lurched and tilted alarmingly and, as I reached out to stop myself going flying, the camera and case shot down the loo. Despite immediate attempts at resus with a hairdryer, it was a lost cause. Upset? Me? You bet. I suppose the only bright side is that I didn't have it long enough to form a deep and meaningful relationship.
Praying that my Euro (or should that be Eurine) Marine Insurance will cover me for a new one.
 The 4 'boys' look on as Linda re-paints the side of Critical Point; I'd hoped to walk back to Audlem to explore, but the towpath closure made that impossible.
 We did a quick reccy into the stunning Nantwich with a quick top up for provisions at Morrison
 Definitely need to spend a day here on the way back
 All of these pics on the SLR camera, but now reliant on my phone again when walking. We stayed the night at Barbridge and set off again yesterday in the murk.
The towpath is in reasonable condition and we made pretty good time through the double locks, although they were all against us AGAIN.    
 Lovely old staircase locks and stables at Bunbury

 I can't remember when we last had a lock in our favour.
Moored up behind Caxton around 1.00, by Wharton lock at Beeston Castle on Saturday. Staying put for Sunday.


  1. Jill, soooooo sorry to hear of the demise of your new camera, I really feel for you, hopefully you will have no trouble with the insurance, don't be too hasty in purchasing another one until you get the ok in writing from your insurance co. as I had a 'wet/drowning experience' with a camera some years ago, and the insurance would not pay me out, but insisted that they supply the replacement camera direct (I am led to believe that they are able to purchase their goods at a very favorable rate, so reducing their payout considerably)

    Kind Regards

    Beardy Chas

  2. I'm sorry... I know it isn't funny losing your camera.... but I did get a giggle from the mental picture of this event!
    Elly in Oz

  3. Chas, thank you for the sound advice.
    I know Elly, you've got to laugh