Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Market Drayton

It was extremely misty when we left Shebdon Embankment and, although we were late leaving, we still left before Caxton (most unusual).
 So we set off independantly with the plan of meeting up for lunch at Tyreley wharf, just below the 5 locks.
 These are photos of the old Cadbury Wharf
 I have recently been researching a possible purchase of a new camera as my current trusty friend is getting very tired-so would you if you'd been used throughout every day for 3 and a half years!
At this point on my walk it gave up the ghost and refused to work at all.
 So these pics are from G's phone; approaching the previous obstruction in Woodseaves Cutting
...and passing it. The whole cutting looks quite unstable in numerous places and I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't further slippages in the near future.  The walking through here was pretty filthy and I had just flagged MR to pick me and the boys up (Baxter hates squidgy mud) when I felt the ground rumble with the tremble of approaching bison...oh, was only Floyd and Fletcher having clocked us ahead and thundered on to say hello.
No photos of Tyreley locks; they are a doddle from a lockwheelers point of view, but a touch tricky for helmsmen due to strong sidestreams. Lots of boats on the move today and a pleasant walk on into Market Drayton.
I have to resolve my camera situation asap as I can't carry the SLR up the Audlem flight.


  1. Hi Jill & Graham
    Have just been researching for a new camera myself, don't want the bulk of an SLR, so a 'Bridge camera' seems to be the answer for me, if you are thinking along the same lines you can't go far wrong looking at a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ100, it has a 35mm equivalent of 25-600mm Leica lens, swivel LCD screen at the back, or an FZ45 (no swivel on LCD screen, but cheaper)and loads of other tech. goodies should you need them, I have spoken to half a dozen people with Lumix camera's and they all rave about them.

    Stay lucky, keep up the blogs, I just love them

    Beardy Chas

  2. I have recently got a Canon Powershot- 14 megapixels and 14xzoom. Am really pleased with it and ideal for lockwheeleers as will fit in pocket.
    Dot nb Bimble

  3. Dot, thank you for that, but blimey there are so many to chose from!!!The Nikon has good reviews on anti-shake (often one handed).

    Beardy Chas, how lovely to hear from you. Camera wise I can't use a bridge unfortunately-still too big. So are you and Liz going to fit us in for a weekend this summer, either with or without caravan. We have now sold both car and caravan so no more Upton boo hoo!

  4. Glad you have got a camera sorted out, I didn't think about the size and you having to carry it with you all the time, (that was the landlubber thinking coming out) don't know your proposed schedule, but if it is of any help we are in Shrewsbury for the last week in June, and in Husbands Bosworth (near Foxton Locks) for a few days 9th - 12th September, we can also get away for a few days mid week nowadays as well, if you are within reach we would love to visit you. you can also reach us on
    Beardy Chas

  5. We'll give you a ring and sort something, love to Liz, Jill