Thursday, 31 March 2011

A long but lovely run into Chester

The 4 boats set off for Chester in very poor visibility at 9.00am, past the new, rather empty looking, Tattenhall Marina - it was perishing; glad I was walking and not stood still driving.
NB Enchantress in the mist
MR passing the dredger who moved over to let her through; he seemed quite good natured about the fact that there were another 3 to come (and 2 the otherway).
Probably the most magnificent bank of daffs I've ever seen.
The pretty Tarvin Lock
Victorian water tower
David (for once) not being silly
The approach to Hoole Lane lock

The first chicks I've seen this year; novelty never wears off.

Slipping in below the city walls

Then down the steep Northgate locks with MR and Critical Point before mooring in Telford basin.
We left NB Enchantress at lunchtime who, sensibly, decided to split the day in two

So I nipped back up to help Lesley lock Caxton down, encountering a rather unusual pair of gongoozlers as I re-set the locks on my way up.
A fair old day's walking and working, but my wussy dogs didn't make the whole day; they had to nip back on board for a bit of a rest - there was a point when I felt like joining them!

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