Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Gothersley to Swindon

TUESDAY -Rather an early start this am when Floyd decided to protect us from attacking foxes at 5.00am - there's nothing worse than a fox attack and his anxiety alerted Baxter and Muttley to the severity of the situation; Daisy thought it was good fun and joined in with purring, pin cushioning and dribbling. Unfortunately we hadn't gone to bed until midnight. We left at 9.00am and Joe and Lesley, sensibly, went back to bed and stayed there until 8.00, following on shortly behind us. What a beautiful day.
Not on the Shroppie yet, but already the Herons are starting to line up to escort us
Gothersley Lock on a cold and frosty morning - ice breaking again, but only skinny stuff
MR approaching Rocky Lock
Some kind of nursery across the towpath - fabulous juxtaposition of colours, textures and shapes
Beautiful  reflections
Through Greensforge Lock by 'The Navigation' we stopped for services adjacent to BW offices; one tap didn't work at all and the other had a severe prostate problem - difficult to justify given the adjacent location.
We sat for ages whilst waiting for another boat to water and Caxton turned up whilst we were still watering and had to wait for us - it'll be a nightmare if they don't sort it before the traffic starts really moving
MR approaches the last lock of the day-Hinksford and we all enjoyed a good pint at the Green Man then I tried to catch up on a few winks before making dinner - just an overnighter here, but a long day tomorrow unless we bottle it and moor earlier; plan is to hit the Shroppie
Note to Floyd: Boats are not normally in jeopardy from foxes; nor rabbits, robins, balls or sticks.

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