Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wheaton Aston

Caxton left around 8.00 and we followed about  8.30am as Lesley and I were keen to move onand G was keen to be moored up with a TV signal  in time for the rugby.
Approaching Stretton Aqueduct across the Roman Road of Watling Street (now the A5)
I know it's disgustingly smug, but I always feel so happy that I'm no longer involved in the busy rat race that goes on down below us.
It's quite busy round here now - quite a lot of boat movements and the moorings are well occupied
After mooring up and wandering into the village for some essentials, someone suggested that we should meander up to the pub for a pint.
We called Daisy in so that we could go out, but we could neither hear nor see her, so G did the tried and tested, "I'll take the dogs for a walk," at which point, Daisy tends to fall in behind to walk with you shouting, "wait for me, I'm coming". It worked, as usual, but this time she didn't shout because she had a mouthful of live mouse. Disgusting cat.

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