Friday, 25 March 2011

Audlem flight - boating as it should be

Set off at 9.00 with Critical Point on Wednesday - Linda walking with me, as she did on Tuesday (we'll have to get her a dog) and dropped down through the first 2 locks.
 Mighty big 'wabbits' round here!
 Everyone enjoys a bit of sun, but this guy is priceless...
 Great PR, I wonder what they pay him ...and on the other side
 When we reached the main body of the locks there was a bit of a jam - at the front of the queue was a single hander who had only been boating for 7 days, so I was despatched to lockwheel him down, in my absence everyone helped up and down the flight - this is as it should be, fabulous. It's nice to lockwheel for someone who 's grateful!, but all good things come to an end and I, eventually, had to come back and see MR down.
 Stopped between locks 11 and 12 for lunch, and a pint at the Shroppie Fly and for Linda to nip up for a bit of shopping before moving on to Coole Pilate
Shroppie Fly landlady taking a moment in the sun - we had an interesting conversation about the terrible treatment she experienced from her bank during last year's breach.
I hope you've enjoyed the photos from my new camera because you will see no more - it's now an ex camera


  1. Oh no, what have you done to it this time?

  2. So why is the 'New' Camera destined to be an 'Ex' Camera ?

  3. "it's now an ex camera"

    !! OOOOOOooooooooo Noooooooo droped it already ??

  4. Hi guys, so you do read to the end of the blog and not just look at the pictures! All will be made clear when I can do so withought crying!
    Adam, it's not me that destroys cameras normally; it's Lesley