Saturday, 12 March 2011

Walkies around Brewood

Woke to a beautifully sunny morning and, after some hectic mousing, Daisy was happy to sleep off her fat belly in the sunshine.
Lesley and I set off in the general direction of Chillington Hall with the boys, but the weather had deteriorated.
We thought this would be a nice little 2 hour wander and here is the Hall
It would have been nice to walk back through this lovely Parkland to the Avenue but sadly, despite Government funding, the Parkland remained firmly closed.

So we were forced to do a (rather large) detour
and here we are at the other end (which is open to the public).
Our 2 hour walk became 4 hours


  1. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for your compliment about my pics, yours look good to me! I bought a new camera last year as I wanted one that had better definition on landscape pics & don't think that I got it with the new camera but in every other aspect it's great. It's a Finepix XP10 & if you go to you can read some user reviews, also on Amazon. The thing that swung it for me is that it's waterproof!!Not tried it in water yet though....

  2. Thanks for the info Julia - better landscapes is what I'm after too, I thought you HAD achieved it; you and Rock'n'Roll. I think my camera is just worn out and there is a nasty 'fuzz' in the centre of the lens - I have to discard more than I can use now