Saturday, 19 March 2011

My new camera arrived! did Paul and Jean on NB Enchantress, moored in front of us and good friends of Linda and David from NB Critical Point who will be joining us in a day or 2. The world is definitely shrinking and it looks like our Chester convoy is growing.
Anyway, G trotted up to the post office about 8.30am and, after the usual denials and searching that accompany the collection of post restante mail, the parcel was located in the safe and I now have my new camera - havn't got to grips with it all yet, but have had a jolly good play.

First I tried some general 'views'.

Then I gave the macro button a twirl
 Then I had a go with the zoom
The  micro brewery - the original building
 But the main pub and brewery building sit behind
 These next two were through the brewery windows

Whilst I feel that some of those earlier views are a bit wishy washy, it certainly did a lovely job with these big skies.

This building just lent itself to.............

........................playing with the gimmick button

I'll try not to make a habit of it


  1. I met up with Cass & Carole the origional owners of Critical Point last Thursday, & they wondered if there was any chance of them buying the boat back, as they are missing the freedom of the canals. Pass the message on please ?

  2. Hi Alf, do they know that they have extended and lowered the well deck? I WILL pass the message on, but she is unlikely to be up for sale - if she were I would be first in the queue - lovely boat

  3. Hi Graham
    What's the camera then?

  4. Hi JR
    It's a Nikon S9100, it is replacing my broken pentax optio w90 and so far is pleasing me.


  5. Alf, message passed on- it seems they ARE willing to sell. Do they still have Dave and Linda's number?

  6. Hi Thanks for that, have forwarded the replies, will phone them in a couple of days to make sure the e-mail has been received.

  7. Hi, no Cass does not have their number, How do I e-mail you with their phone number without it being published ? I have looked for a link but.........? Or as you are mooving north, perhaps I could catch you at Nantwich or Barbridge ?