Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wolverley village - this is very special & mentioned in the Doomsday Book

After walking the dogs up to drop them off at Linda's, the dog groomer, in Kidderminster, I walkd back into Wolverley and could hear the merry sounds of chainsaws across the valley. That sounded like hard work, so I thought I'd take some time out and explore the ancient village which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book. 
So here I am up at the church, built on a massive (and very steep) sandstone rock which dominates the scenery for miles around. Built in 1772 in Italianate style, I found it quite ugly - but with stupendous views. The photos don't do this justice as I've had a spot of camera operator trouble.

The cottages here are hewn out of the stone - they have very few windows and the back rooms are, in effect caves. Does that make the residents semi-detached trogladytes?
This is the old blacksmiths.

Even the 'new' architecture is different
This little guy insisted on having his head scratched and his horns waggled
The old courthouse has seen service as a grammar school (1629) and council offices
The village pub, shop and coffee house.
The Whittington Inn c1310, the home of Dick Whittington's grandfather and, later, Lady Jane Grey - didn't go in (that maks a change) so can't comment on the beer.


  1. Wolverley is a lovely little place - well worth the walk in my opinion. I agree with your comment about the church.

  2. Mmmmm. The village is neat and quaint, the church is right in your face.

  3. Hi Jill and Graham

    Thanks for the comments on the blog, sounds like we should meet up sometime in May/June, look forward to it. Doug

  4. Looks good - sorry, I didn't think the 1st comment posted, so asked G to respond (I hope G & I think we're going to the same places!)