Monday, 14 March 2011

Sunday lunch at Wheaton Aston after punting on the cut

With a nice lazy day planned, G suddenly decided that our poo tank was a bit dodgy and that we should reverse up in the rain to the pump out - ensuring that this manouevre should co-incide with the omnibus edition of the Archers (what will Freddie and Lilly do if there Mum pops her clogs too?) so I only clocked the last 5 mins. "Listen on your IPod he said". Have you ever tried to listen to something on earphones whilst "punting" 66ft of narrowboat backwards down the cut with continuous instructions?

Anyway, everything sorted and time to clean up and run round with the hoover before a very reasonable and extremely friendly Sunday lunch at the Hartley Arms-they even made Joe lumpy custard at his request. Now Joe may be a bit odd, but that is very good service and an extremely tolerant chef.

After lunch the sun was shining again and Lesley and I went for a wander with the boys, I should have known better than to walk the dogs in clean trousers, Lesley shouted, "watch ou....." Too late, Floyd thrust a giant stick between my legs and down I went. Lesley had a Tenna Lady moment but did, at least, help me up rather than get her camera out!

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