Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kidderminster to Stourport and back up

As we are not attempting the River Severn we went to the end of the Staffs and Worcs at Stourport for 2 nights and then retraced our steps - this also has the advantage of helping me catch up on the blog!
This stretch makes for a lovely walk - lovely countryside and well managed and well spaced out locks; so here are the bits I haven't already covered.
One of G's Helicopter pilots from the RAF who G last flew with on 13th December 1984, Graeme, happened to be in Kinver for a birthday celebration (although he lives near Skipton by the Leeds and Liverpool) and spotted us through the blog and it's link to Facebook, so a  mini 230 Squadron reunion was set up - sadly, way too short though. Another opportunity due to blogging.
MR crossing the aqueduct over the River Stour below Kidderminster Church
One of the few remaining buildings from Kidderminster's carpet weaving industry - most of canal side is now smart new developments
The pretty bridge at Caldwell Lock - I wonder how many pairs of feet it has taken to wear this step away
More fancy iron work on the bridge - the sides are only about 18" high; I think this is Falling Sands Lock
Stourport Basin - the end of the line for us
The famous clock tower - I could happily have blown it up after listening to it strike 1 o'clock, 2, 3, 4,5, 6.....grrrrrrr...off to chemist to buy ear plugs
The boys snooze in the sun whilst we service the boats
PS. Does anyone know why aqueduct is spelt aqueduct and not aquaduct?


  1. The definition of 'aqueous' is "of, like, or containing water" so perhaps that's something to do with it, but I must admit it is a bit of a strange spelling!

  2. JR:
    And then there is an AQUIfer - permeable rock able to transmit or hold water. You'd think aqua was aqua wouldn't you?