Friday, 7 February 2014

Every cloud (or mooring) ...

.... has a silver lining.

Having moored at the bottom of the Buckby flight last night (which we'd never done before)
 we found ourselves between a rock
 and a hard place
Sandwiched between the M1 and the Birmingham/London (I think) railway line and with no TV or radio signal.

However, the chandler sells chocolate and beer and the cafe does a seriously good breakfast. The chandlery also had our specially ordered counter terrorism Paniche fortification extra long pins and chains ready and waiting for us
Hopefully these will stop us being yanked out of our moorings amongst the big guys in Europe

These are the photos I didn't take yesterday of the water coming down the Buckby flight

A beautifully sunny day today and we cruised on to Weedon Bec after the afore mentioned excellent breakfast and a stop for shopping at the Heart of the Shires 'mall' (where I went mad and purchased one of those twirly honey stick thingys)  and some eggs from Be-dazzled - the best in the country by my reckoning

Ooh; whilst out shopping we spotted this small pink dog sofa which we thought The Manly Ferry's (NB Caxton) dog Bombo might rather like
A snip Elaine at just £169!


  1. I will make sure Elaine doesn't read your blog.
    Paul xx

    1. OK, I'll just forward Elaine the pic on an e-mail with the direct order address xx

  2. Sorry guys I just had to make a comment about your new mooring pins - do not ever use them to moor where there are passing big boys, the pins will rip out if just knocked into the ground, they need to be placed immediately behind piling or coping stones - our pins are thicker than your new ones and have been bent on several occasions - it is better by far to use bollards. Have fun - got 7" ice here but it's starting to melt now temperatures are back above zero. M&J

  3. Hi Jill, how do the pins and chains work - do you put other pins through the chain rings? Were they expensive to get made?

    1. Hi Carol, the pins are just the larger ones brought from any chandlers with the Chains attached by a D ring which allows us to use the two end rings with another pin through each which effectively gives a 3point hold in the ground.

    2. The pins were about £17.50 each and the chains £7.80 Carol. I was led to believe he'd ordered them especially - usual marital communication breakdown!!

  4. Hi June, Jill probably took a little information from me and thought that the new set of pins would have be strong enough to do the bus with the big boys, what I wanted were a larger pin with chains attached to give a triangular hold which will help if we get stuck on a heavier flowing river or have to leave the boat for any length of time.....hope your soon released from the ice.