Monday, 20 January 2014

We wanted to be down the Foxton flight by today (Monday) and our Saturday night mooring left us about 9 miles away. We thought that might be too much to do as the forecast was for thick mist (which usually means very cold) on Monday, so G moved the boat in yet more glorious sunshine about 10.30 whilst I caught up with the omnibus edition of the Archers and prepped the Sunday Lunch.
 I love this part of the world - beautiful, undulating countryside
 and we moored up at 12.30 within a mile ish of Foxton top lock
 We actually moored just short of bridge 59 and let Daisy out to play for a bit. Although a passing dog upset her - look at the size of that tail.
As the dogs hadn't been walked, we thought we'd better walk them down to Bridge 61 as G would be on a 'fast' day when we passed in the boat!

I thought it best to take some photos down the flight as it might have been too murky today

 Glorious isn't it? It takes a lot of beating when the sun is shining - although the sun was so low that I couldn't loose my shadow

We had an extremely nice pint of Welland something (not tried it before) before returning to MR and roast pork cooked by G whilst I played with the camera in the curious light. On the way back up the flight we passed some more people who follow the blog, we seem to have quite a few followers in this neck of the woods.


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