Thursday 23 January 2014

Oh bum piddle wee wee

I've just been out to turn the engine off and my glasses have fallen in the cut - so annoying; I bought them in Ely and they cost me 99 pence! I was particularly fond of them as they were just the right level of magnification for the 'puter.
 Large 'plops' of rain continued throughout the night into this morning
 but Lesley and I managed to get the dogs out in the, relatively, dry by late morning
just in time to wave goodbye to Diana and Brian who were leaving as we returned.

After 14 months of the 5:2 fast way of life, Lesley's brand new size 10 trousers were too baggy. All donations gratefully received - I am a perfik size 10. Thank you Lesley; new wardrobe for Europe

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