Saturday 18 January 2014

We didn't get our alarm call

Normally, if one of us Graham isn't already up, Baxter comes to the bedroom door and barks at 8.13 and then goes back to bed. This morning he didn't and we didn't wake up until 25 to 10! I still can't believe it. So by the time we'd showered, breakfasted and I'd popped into Crick, it was 12 o'clock before I set off with the dogs and G set off with MR. Lazy bloody tykes we are.

The narra is still parked in the field
 another grey day and I was having some difficulty with my camera lens so not many photos today. G said he'd motor on to Yelvertoft and start watering whilst the dogs and I caught him up. But the towing path became ever muddier, narrower and slopier until their was a real danger I was going to end up sliding straight into the cut. The cavalry had to reverse back to pick us up.
 We watered and rid ourselves of the rubbish at Yelvertoft where I discovered there was a sale of Joules seconds at the school - oh joy, joy, joy. My favourite stuff and the prices should be OK if it was seconds. Joy quickly turned to gloom when I realised it was last Tuesday. Gutted! 
It was 4.30 before we stopped tonight close to the junction with the Welford Arm and we had done 11 miles. Poor G was so welded/frozen to the tiller arm that I thought I'd have to throw hot water over him to separate him.

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