Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Losing track of time

I  seem to be losing all track of time. I haven't been able to wear a watch recently due to an allergy flair up and, anyway, the battery has gone flat. Then last night I asked G to record a movie for me, but it wasn't on because I'd been looking in last week's TV guide. Then I arranged to meet my cousins for the day next Monday but we both had a different date - I was looking at the calendar for January 2015. Talking of meeting the cousins, we need somewhere for lunch - has anyone tried The Black Horse in Foxton? Last time we were through here it had been taken over and was closed for refurb.

Awoke to a hard frost yesterday - very beautiful with mist hanging in the valley as it dropped away from the canal

 and from our side hatch this fabulous reflected tangle of tree limbs
I walked the dogs to the top of Foxton Locks and left G watering whilst I went in search of the Lockie - I checked the office and walked down to the bottom of the flight and checked the shop. No sign of him anywhere and the boys were getting very bored
G eventually tracked him down in the museum and we quickly made our way down exchanging a lot of banter with the Lockie and the inevitable gaggle of gongoozlers
It doesn't matter how many times you do this flight you never tire of the views. On a day like today they are sublime
Down the flight and hang a right through the swing bridge (no key needed to operate it now) onto the Market Harborough Arm. Although it was lunchtime we left Bridge 61 un visited as it was a 'fast' day
I felt very virtuous as a pint after a lock flight always goes down well - on reflection, a pint always goes down well even if there is no flight
The swing bridge at Foxton village was a nightmare - I tried to operate it and gave up, taking the tiller and letting G have a go. He couldn't work it either. Then some guys who were doing clearance work turned up and operated it; evidently you have to line things up manually before the electric bit makes contact. It was quite difficult picking G and the boys up the other side as I couldn't put my nose to the bank without sticking MR's bum in the overgrown trees and bushes - not good for the paintwork or my head
This space hopper had been strategically hung to warn of a very thick and low level branch
Gorgeous - not another moving boat seen all day, nor yesterday
Guess which idiot left the bird-feeding gear on the wrong side
Although I put the feeders up at 2 o'clock, the only bird seen was a Moorhen who rather liked the seed and grain I put out on the log. Probably because Daisy was out all afternoon (although she leaves the birds alone), it took her less than 5 mins to catch her first mouse
10 locks and 4 miles today - nicely positioned to meet up with Yarwood tomorrow in Market Harborough


  1. I think it was the Black Horse where I went for lunch with Lesley and Joe. Food was pretty good, and it's dog friendly.

    1. Thanks Adam - I caught up with Lesley yesterday and she agreed with you

  2. Hi you two, you sound Jill as if you don’t know if you’re coming or going!
    have you seen this blog - interesting to say the least!
    http://wanderingsnail.blogspot.co.uk and their published book ...
    Give our regards to Lesley and Joe when you see them today. xx

    1. Hi you two. It seems Lesley doesn't know which way up she is date wise either - she walked out to meet us yesterday, I will pass on your regards.
      Thank you for the wandering snail info but we do have it - we also picked their brains over dinner. Also Mike and June (who have been out there for 20 years on NB Temujin) came calling when we were in Braunston

  3. Hi

    Might be too late but we went to the Black Horse on Sunday and had a lovely Sunday lunch with loads of fresh veg. Would recommend it. We knew you were on your way to MH so had a look for you but we were too early at Foxton and too late at Crick as we had been to check on Triskaideka!


    1. No, not too late at all Ali. We're looking for somewhere this coming Monday so thanks for that. Really sorry to have missed you, I'm afraid we have a habit of mooring 'outside' places unless we know that there are potential visitors in the offing!