Sunday 23 December 2012

Well that's it then

What we don't have we can live without. I will not go anywhere near a shop until after the silly season now. I will not stress about the fact that I'm rather low on Daisy milk - she'll just have to drink semi-skimmed like the rest of us.
The schedule for this week is/was a funeral on Friday (way too many this year), Mother-in-laws today and step-daughter's Boxing Day.
 The dogs have been invited by special dispensation and, given that they were up to their gunwales/plimsoll lines in mud, we had a cunning plan - drop them off at the poodle parlour 8.00am Friday for a quick scrub down with Dettol and a wire brush whilst we went to the funeral outside Norwich. We did say that a trim would be good if they had time. When we picked them up they were pretty much scalped so we had to go to the pet shop at Soham and buy big, fleecy coats for them to sleep in; given that they are no longer allowed on the furniture and above the waterline I was worried that they woudn't be warm enough.
I have to say that their behaviour was impecable and I was very proud of them.
(Note to Dreamers and Greygal - no pizzas or mince pies were nicked - suspect Boxing Day will be more scary as it will have around 8 small people wandering around with food at dog height).
I walked them across the parks by the River Wytham at dusk - I wouldn't want to be out on the kayak in that lot!!


  1. Baxter and Muttley have always been paragons of virtue compared to the hounds!

    Ty ran off with half a pack of butter from the kitchen table this morning - and polished off a box of Thorntons milk chocs (only 3 left) last night!

    Ollie is such a good boy!

    So sorry to hear about all these funerals - it can be very gloomy, but if there was ever a time to celebrate our health and happiness this is it :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. I'll drink to that, "to health and happiness"

  2. Replies
    1. The Wythan in the middle of Grantham. We passed Earith and the Nene - just crazy

  3. Hi Graham/Gill
    I assume by your mention of wire brushes and dettol in the same sentence, you also tell the military hospital joke from whence the comment came LOL

    WB Cinnamon Girl

  4. Just picked the daughter up from St Ives, The Ouse is crazily high, can hardly see the lock at St Ives from the road bridge, the road is shut at Earith for the second time this year, and the water is nearly in the street at The Waits.
    Have a good Christmas.
    Andy and Gill
    NB Centurion