Friday 14 December 2012

Flying visit

Given that we are moored on the pub moorings at Judes Ferry, we have absolutely no time stay restrictions (other than the good nature of the landlord) and I have been thoroughly enjoying new and varied walks. Such has been my enthusiasm on each return that I  inspired Graham to join me yesterday. He needed to find a post office in Mildenhall but, if he were to catch the bus in, he would have had to wait for 2 hours to get a bus back. Being  a Thursday he couldn't wait in the pub (we've declared Mondays and Thursdays alcohol free days at the moment) so I suggested that we walk in with the dogs and get the bus back.
The path was so good (and really pretty) that we reached Mildenhall a lot quicker than expected. The Post Office is in the Co-op so he sent his parcel and picked up some milk and fresh vegetables and it was still 45 minutes until the bus was due. I was lovely and warm whilst walking, but had started to get really chilly standing outside the shop, so I said I would walk back with the dogs which would mean he could get a coffee somewhere. To my amazement he decided to walk back with me!
I liked the little bit of Mildenhall we saw, if the weather is better I may go back in tomorrow and have a good look around
It's a pretty, traditional, market town
Given the time of year, I was surprised to see it pretty much deserted
Walking in from West Row (as we did) you walk passed the Grade II listed Wamil House
I had a look on t'internet to try and find it's history but, apart from some of it being destroyed by fire, there is nothing much there - unusual
When we got back to MR we checked the pot to see what we could have for dinner. Mmmmm.........looks like no beer and no dinner. With all that exercise it looks like being a healthy day!
sorry about the focus but it kept waving it's claws about


  1. I am very disappointed in Graham, Taking a walk like that without a good row first, I think he is really letting the side down. Carry on like this and all us husbands will be expected to walk for miles.
    Also he needs at least another dozen Crayfish to go with that one.

    1. I think Graham may be disappointed in himself - he's certainly still in a state of shock. He couldn't even have a beer to help him get over it (it being a Thursday).
      The Crayfish numbers are going up - we might have enough for a (very) light supper by new years eve