Monday 17 December 2012

Stuck 'til Feb 2013? Could well be Easter

I was shocked to see NB Harnser's blog for today re Salter's Lode. I had heard that the sandbank outside Denver sluice had been dredged but had returned; I hadn't realised how badly and that there was another outside Salters. Mervyn, the Environment Agency man, said that it would be dredged again, but probably not before Easter - I've just looked up the dates for Easter 2013 and Easter Sunday is March 31st!!!!!
Oh well perhaps we'll get down to Bedford again if we get a dry spell.

I'm glad I like it here

Yesterday dawned bright and sunny again so Lesley and I set off for pastures new for the best part of 3 hours. This time we had a firtle around Isleham Marina before returning via Manor Farm, Thistley Green (sounds like the sort of place you might find 'Diddy Men') and back in to the top end of West Row where we found a village shop (which had closed 20 mins before we arrived) and an 'ex' pub.

Approaching  Isleham Marina along the lock cut and  flood bank
The original course of the River Lark

 I can't believe that all this wood is still here - adjacent to a Marina with residential boaters!

 That hedge is a master class in trimming - I wouldn't want the job, but there was a Bentley in the garage so they can probably afford a man
I once had a house with a hedge like this (although, thankfully, not so long), whilst cutting it one day I stretched for a branch on the far side  and the ladder fell away behind me - I spent an uncomfortable couple of hours balanced across the top on my tummy until a neighbour came home from work and set me free!


  1. Hi Jill & Graham

    Good to hear you are still having a good time on your 'mini river cruises' I know little about Isleham apart from the fact that my Ex has lived there for about the last 15 years, (therefore living 2 hours away from the place is close enough for me).
    Have a good Christmas and a super cruising 2013, hope to see you soon.

    Beardy Chas

    1. If we move further away from Isleham will you get out to us in the new year? Have a great xmas

  2. Easter!.......isn't that the start of the wet season?
    Your "on top of the hedge moment", reminds me of my Tortoise who often got stuck on his back & just wiggled his little arms & legs to try to get going again. Don't ask why it got into the predicament so often, suffice to say it was a boy!
    Have a great Christmas & New Year. Well impressed with your decs.

    1. Oh John don't. It doesn't bear thinking about.
      I bet your Tortoise looked cuter than me!
      Merry Christmas to you both

  3. Hi Graham,
    This makes interesting reading

    The result of this scheme has been to dramatically reduce the outflow to sea at Denver sluice - thus allowing the sandbank to continually build up!

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


  4. Thanks for the link. However, the outflow at Denver is still high due to the constant need to reduce the flood waters at the top end.
    Have a good one xxx