Saturday 15 December 2012

Friday - as forecast - was a washout

Lesley and I agreed to walk the dogs in the morning before retiring to the pub for lunch. Unfortunately, our walk took two hours - 20 minutes too long to avoid the lashing sleety rain. Never mind, a hot shower, pint and a spot of lunch soon sorted us out. Did it rain. After a filthy wet and windy night, the River was up a, very useful, 18 inches this morning.
I say useful because the landing stage here, at the end of the pub garden, is very high up and we were having to lift the dogs in and out. Now we don't.
A beautiful day for walking again and significantly warmer. I set off downstream along the Lark towards Isleham Lock. The River footpath is very narrow at the best of times and a rise of 18" plus a defrosted slippery surface made for a little too much excitement for my liking.
 Steady round the corner Mr B

 I was glad to get off that bit and join the boat in the field
 Fortunately the horses showed little interest in us
 This is the point where I left the River
 only to be confronted with another one
except this was meant to be a Drove!
 the Drove took me back through the village of West Row which is actually where we are (although everyone says Judes Ferry)
 A pretty little church
 with a decorated tree in it's porch
 and a small village green
 with it's memorial
 Mr B doing a pretty pose for me with the sun adding a bit of back lighting
Home again by 1.30 in time for a pint with the Yarwoods before putting up the decorations (I blame it on NB Tacet - G's been nagging me ever since he saw that they had theirs up). Lesley had been baking a cheesecake of the savoury kind and G had knocked up a ring of his famous Chelsea buns whilst I was out walking. Both were absolutely delicious and saved me from having to cook a proper meal. Another really nice day; I like it here. 


  1. So glad that the river hasn't come up too far - the Nene sounds pretty bad - again!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Excuse my French Sue, but the River Nene is like a whore's drawers - up and down at the drop of a hat. It is also one of the most spectacularly beautiful rivers in England with the best walking.

  2. There is always something nice when you say "I like it here".. It doesn't happen often does it? xx

    1. You are so right Sue. I often think it but don't often say it.