Monday 10 December 2012

It may be cold but we're still moving

I know we only have a limited amount of water to move in but we are moving. We really do have all we need with no fear of getting trapped in the ice away from a water point. Although I suppose the water points could freeze over and I really don't want to count my chickens before a  fall or pride to come before they're hatched. If we get a longish dry period, who knows, we might get back up beyond Earith again which would be lovely. Anyway we're fine here.
So it was up into Ely to buy more bits for kitting MR out for her first Christmas with us on board and shed loads of veg off of the market. Ely Band were playing their hearts out in the bright, but bitterly cold weather. They were really good and making it feel a lot like Christmas. I really fancied going to the Carol Service in Ely Cathedral last Friday but the tickets were really expensive and it was all sold out.
 Shopping completed, Lesley and I had two hours of daylight left to give the dogs a good walk.Unfortunately parts of it weren't that 'good'. By the time we'd crossed this field we could hardly lift our feet for the weight of the mud on our boots
 The walk actually took over two and a half hours, so daylight was in short supply by the time we reached the boats. Very pretty though.

 When we left for the River Lark this morning it was very cold out on the tiller (or so I'm told) and no, I haven't started the mystery object game. Well, it's always a mystery but not an object!
 Yarwood powers her way through the water with the sun blanching out her lovely paintwork
Just over an hours cruise today - but that was enough in that temperature and also enough to get us nicely out into no man's land. I know it's a long shot looking at the weather forecast, but I'm rather hoping to get the kayak out beyond Jude's Ferry and explore where MR can't go. We'll see. Just needs to be dry and not windy


  1. WOW Yarwood looks great through the water..

    Glad you have settled OK over there Jill.. Oh I do hate going up three inches in boots.. not done that yet this year.

    Keep those taps dripping when you fill up or they will freeze.. Love the pic of the K9s you have at the top of the blog at the mo..

    Hopefully see you in the Spring.. xx

  2. Doesn't she just.
    Unfortunately these river dwellers don't seem to have learnt the 'keep the tap dripping' technique.
    If, sorry when, we get out we'll be heading down the GU to the Thames we think. Hugs to the elegant man xx