Monday 31 October 2011

Hatton in the sunshine- my first blog in 'live writer'

Couldn't resist  putting this up today (albeit out of sync) spotted on the wall of bridge 103 on the run into Braunston.
Decided to have a go at blogging off line and then transferring it as Blogger actually ate the whole of Beefur's blog spots yesterday - not just a post - so it seemed like a good idea. Quite straight forward, even to a techno-phobe like me.

Beautiful sunny day with Sue ready to take Beefur down the flight with Matilda Rose tied alongside as a fender – not that she needed  fenders.
11-10-28 877_DSCN3707

I make no apologies for  publishing, yet another, couple of pics of the dragonfly sculpture
11-10-28 879_DSCN3709

It is so beautiful
11-10-28 880_DSCN3710

So off we go, Sue doing a splendid job with the wallowing pair
11-10-28 883_DSCN3713

The front was steering, but the ass end was wallowing to starboard
11-10-28 885_DSCN3715

We realised why later – we’d emptied the poo tank (sits on the port side) and all the coal was loaded on the starboard side – no wonder we were right hand heavy. No probs for a helms woman of Sue’s calibre though – sorry Sue
11-10-28 888_DSCN3718

An attractive bit of graffiti to finish the flight
11-10-28 890_DSCN3720

We continued onwards through the Cape Locks, Warwick and Leamington before mooring at Radford Semele around 4.30/5ish. All but one lock against us, but tying the boats together left us with crew either side, plus one to set ahead. 2 hours 20 for the Hatton 21 and we didn’t rush it –a beautiful day in the sunshine.


  1. i saw that pumpkin on Sunday where are you now?

  2. Hi Maffi, we are now in Braunston adjacent to the Marina