Thursday 20 October 2011

Pavement pounding in Edgbaston

The "Test" blog G put up was to try out windows 'live writer'; like wot Geoff on NB Seyella has been trying out. I've been moaning for years (a number of people will confirm that remark) about not being able to blog off line when there's no signal. Which means if you don't store pic numbers and keep notes, you forget where you are/were and the process of 'catch up' can be quite daunting. In fact, it's the reason why I stop blogging from time to time. He was going to take the Daisy picture down, as I'd already posted the 'honeymoon' blog earlier, but it seemed a shame to ''take Daisy out' although Sue (NB Indigo Dream) said Lynx would quite like to.

Not a very nice day, but at least it wasn't raining so we set off with the dogs to do some pavement pounding - we haven't managed to find any footpaths in this, otherwise, pleasant area, so we set off through the University Campus to see what we could find.
This is Old Edgbaston Church
Edgbaston Cricket Ground
opposite it we found an Aldi so we loaded up with this weeks' special offers of a variety of veg for 39p each; perfect now the weather's turned so cold, we'll be having lots of delicious soups, at a smidgeon of the cost compared to other supermarkets.
Monument to George I outside the Barber Institute of Fine Arts
The local grammar school, King Edwards; G used to play against these guys when he was at Denstone College
I'm surprised we found an Aldi here as this is a seriously up market area
 These wide avenues are beautiful and quite Parisienne
 Serious property and serious money

We made our way back to a bridge across the canal and railway line further up as we wanted to give the dogs a run off the lead along the towpath before reaching the boat. Unfortunately there was no access from the bridge to the towpath
 We were successful at the second attempt
and arrived back at MR 2+ hours later, ready for a nice cuppa


  1. Hello Sue, you must have crumbled your cookies (or whatever it was that stopped you commenting on our blog)! Tell Lynx that there's no meat on Daisy and he's better off sticking to legs of roast lamb - they won't fight back like Daisy either!xx

  2. Sue, I've just inadvertently deleted Lynx's comment, so I'll try and put it back - forgive me if it's not quite verbatim.
    Lynx said he just wanted to look at Daisy, honest guv..!
    First time you manage to get a comment up and I go and delete it.