Tuesday 1 November 2011

Radford Semele to Long Itchington

We left Radford Semele in leisurely fashion Saturday morning
11-10-29 892_RSCN3727
Because of the distances between the first 6 locks we couldn’t lash the two boats together, so Sue had some company on the back in the locks
11-10-29 894_DSCN3724
11-10-29 895_DSCN3725
Happy people finishing the day’s locking with the 4 at Bascote (including the two lock staircase).
11-10-29 896_RSCN3726
We moored at Long Itchingdon in plenty of time for a pint at The Two Boats Inn before settling down in front of the TV to watch Strictly.
About 11.00pm, we had an unexpected visitor; it was puddy cat Nemo (from NB Beefur) who availed himself of Daisy’s cat flap to pop into the well deck for a quick hello – fortunately, Daisy had long since tucked herself up in bed and neither dog batted an eyelid.
When we woke Sunday morning, a third cat was watching us from the far bank.
11-10-30 898_DSCN3729
G and I took ourselves off for a walk down the disused railway line
11-10-30 899_DSCN3730
11-10-30 900_DSCN3731
across country
11-10-30 901_DSCN3732
keeping a wary eye out for some over friendly horses
11-10-30 902_DSCN3733
before returning to the towpath
11-10-30 904_DSCN3735
back by Boscote Top Lock
11-10-30 906_FSCN3740
11-10-30 907_DSCN3737
This chimney reminds me of Chickin’ Lickin’  as it appears to be holding up the sky.
11-10-30 908_DSCN3738
11-10-30 909_DSCN3739


  1. Hi both, I see you are making good use of Live Writer - do you like it? I've used it for so long now that i've forgotten how to do a post directly n Blogger. Just one tiny thing - your photos need to be a bit bigger as it is really difficult to see any detail!
    Pip xxx

  2. Hi Pip, yes I do like it but not really got to grips yet - is it obvious how I make pics bigger? Love to Roger xx