Sunday 30 October 2011

Downpours and blog eaters.

I was just about to publish this last night when vanished. Nothing in draft. Nothing in the re-cycle bin. Even my resident font of all knowledge couldn't find it. That's it then, after this one I'm going to get to grips with Microsoft Live Writer.

Having seen the weather forecast for Thursday I donned full wet weather gear from the start. We moved the short hop up to the top of the Hatton flight, stopping by Shrewley tunnel for an essential visit to the shop at the top of the horse tunnel - lovely sausages, bacon, ham, samosas etc. They even gave me a supply of fresh coriander from their own kitchen as there was none in the shop.
Once moored I took Muttley (and dragged Baxter) out for a walk
passed Hatton station
It may have been raining the whole time, but the colours were still fabulous

We went to the Waterman in the evening to celebrate the 19th anniversary of Dave's living afloat (the reason why we moved up in the rain

We had a lovely evening and my Sea Bass was stunning-the staff were friendly but it wasn't busy. Probably because no-one else was daft enough to turn out in the ghastly weather

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