Wednesday 19 October 2011

Funky Fish sets off on their honeymoon

Monday morning and Big Ginge (Colin and Eva's cat) decided to return to their boat so they were able to set off on their honeymoon cruise as planned. I hope this isn't their first marital row-Eva is legging it down the towpath and Colin is on the boat.
Only joking; we had been down to wind and Funky Fish passed us to go and do the same when they realised that they'd left their hose connector on the tap. There's no easy pedestrian access from the mainline to their mooring so we picked Eva up and did a divert round Oozells Street Loop to drop her off.
I love this loop, it's full of contrasts
The converted Sherborne Wharf

Sheepcote Street Bridge; you'd never believe that this was central Birmingham
Popping out again between the Sea Life Centre and the National Indoor Arena
Down to the roundabout and pull over to dispose of the rubbish
Here comes Colin; now with wife and hose connector back on board, setting off down Farmers Bridge Locks (we heard later that they moored up at the Dog and Doublet around 7.15pm (so that would be in the dark) 34 locks and 7 and a half hours later - G replied to Colin that it was meant to be a honeymoon not a wife beating session. Eva must be shattered. I hope the Dog and Doublet do food on Monday evenings!
We reversed out, heading for the waterpoint opposite the Mailbox
it still looks attractive - even in the rain
via Gas Street Basin
From the waterpoint I walked with the dogs down to the Vale by B'ham University
Through the little 105 yd Edgbaston Tunnel
Waiting for G to wind and try and get MR off the bottom and into the side - arriving in reverse as usual
Come on Dad, hurry up with that fire and our armchairs - it's damp out here. Stop messing about

A lovely, rural setting and it only took Daisy 10 minutes to catch her first mouse-surprisingly, she's never caught a single mouse in the centre of B'ham; not even in the underground car parks. That has to be a tribute to the cleanliness of Central Brum

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