Friday 28 October 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow/s lies Baddesley Clinton

Stayed in our lovely spot on Wednesday as we're not planning to do the Hatton flight until Friday, after Thursday's predicted (and actual as it turns out) all day rain. So I set off, rather late in the day, in search of Baddesley Clinton's medieval manor house.

A right old kerfuffle going on as a full length boat tried to turn right onto the Grand Union out of the Kingswood link with another boat coming. Why they insisted on 'keeping to the right' in this situation I don't know - it made everyone's life doubly difficult
Hadar's Chetsey's  bought a new butty, I wonder if the owners would sell me this one - goes by the name of Hebe
Turning right over bridge 65 and then, almost, immediately left past The Navigation I encountered, 'Kingswood Park, the home of Castle Eventers'. Their set up is fantastic with barn stalls, menages and cross country fences. Then the heavens opened (not forecast) and drowned me. Worth it though as rainbow after rainbow popped up all around me.

Quite stunning

The weather continued to look more than a bit dodgy, but I didn't care as the light was sensational
I arrived at a junction and asked another walker which way to the house and the church. I followed his directions against my instincts and later regretted it.
He sent me the long way round on the circular National Trust walk - if I'd gone straight on I'd have been there in 10 minutes, instead of walking another mile and a half!
The church is 16th and 17th century

By the time I reached the house and stables it was one minute past 5pm. They close at and, with the sun setting behind, I couldn't even get a decent photo, grrrrrrr

Despite my mis-direction and missing out on the house, it really was up there with some of my best ever walks


  1. You mean Chertsey, not Hadar, don't you?

  2. Yes Adam I DO mean Cherstey. Not so much senior moments as senior paragraphs!!