Friday, 21 January 2011

The Vale back to Central Birmingham

Woke yesterday morning to a very heavy frost and the suggestion of ice forming on the cut. Took advantage of the open space to get off the towpath and sort this little lot with the chainsaw.
 With Baxter's help it was all chopped and stowed back onto MR. The boys and I set off for the Mailbox waterpoint with MR in hot pursuit. Again, only one boat seen moving.
 We beat MR back and noted that this boat (which was there when we left last Friday) showed no sign of occupancy. This is the post it's moored in front of.
 (Although I defy anyone to fill their tank in 30 minutes here as the water pressure is so low)
 We moored up back on our old spot and were greeted by Dylan from Jacala......
.......and one of Funky Fish's 3 cats, Diesel. Daisy was not impressed with the latter visitor and declined the opportunity to go out and re-acquaint herself with the indoor car park.

An hour later Caxton turned up and there we all were again - 3 in a row. The humans went out for a meal and a catch up, but the boys had to wait until this afternoon for their reunion. They are a bunch of idiots, they are such good friends and so pleased to see each other-growling, barging, bouncing, boxing and rolling; one of these days one or all of them are going to fall in (my money's on Muttley) with this re-uniting ritual.

I don't think we're going where we thought we were tomorrow - that'll be plan 'H' then. More of that next time.

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