Sunday, 30 January 2011

Boating community in Bumblehole Branch

It being a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, the world and his dogs were doing their best to peer through our windows so, after responding with our gorilla impressions (puts off all but the most hard-faced nosy parkers), we toddled off to walk the Bumblehole loop.
They only have a tiny piece of land to compliment their moorings and every square inch has been made use of - could this be the windmill from,'Windmill End' -  I'd love to know the story behind the name?

The water here is virtually clear of ice, but not so a few kilometres further South where it has reached a depth of about 7mm and starting to make cruising difficult/impossible again. We shall be sitting tight until we have an update from Lyons boatyard re our mounting/vibration problem - tomorrow hopefully.

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