Monday, 17 January 2011

".....I've never seen a city that didn't look better looking back."

Please excuse the mis-quote, but we're out! So, amidst strains of, "Wandering Star;" " I want to break free;" "On the road again;" "We've got to get out of this place;" etc., etc., we waved goodbye to our fellow ice age victims,

Two loads of clothes and one dog washed, we topped up with water and left the city

We then crossed the new aquaduct by B'ham University, I believe we are the first bloggers to cross it.

So we hung a left at Norton Junction onto the North Stratford and moored up in splendid isolation opposite Lyons Boatyard ready for Monday morning.

Splendid isolation........that is until another boat moored up our ass and made himself comfortable hanging through our side hatch!!!!! Up until that moment I'd always been of the opinion that boaters respected each others privacy. He certainly made a thorough job of 'casing' MR


  1. Hooray!!! Well done for breaking out - Bet it was beginning to feel like Alcatraz!! Where are you headed? xx

  2. Hi Pip, we're currently at Lyons Boat Yard on the North Stratford ready to have some work done on Monday, then back through B'ham down to Kidderminster & Stourport whilst waiting for Caxton to finish her carpentry. We WERE then heading up the Shroppie to Chester, BUT.......