Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sleepless night and a lovely day

It's funny, but after our friendly visit from the local constabulary last night (not withstanding the fact that we had already spent 3 peaceful nights on that mooring and another 10 last November), neither of us slept properly - you don't when you try to sleep with one ear open. Situation made worse by Baxter growling at something or someone in the wee small  hours (don't know why I've just lapsed into Scottish - must be missing Joe). Subsequently slept in this morning so, by the time we'd eaten breakfast and loaded the roof with as much wood as we dared carry, it was 1.30 before we pulled pins and MR wallowed off down the cut.

The boys and I walked and still beat MR to the sanitary station at Kings Norton junction, despite the detour through the housing estate as there is no towpath through the tunnel. Just let Daisy out for a spot of mousing when two policeman turned up for a chat - they're like number 2 buses round here. Eventually did a bit of pumping the necessary and rounded up Daisy to finish off the day's cruise.

 The sun was well and truly setting by the time we crossed the new viaduct.

 This is the view from our side hatch about a mile from the centre of B'ham city, by the University.

Plenty of good mousing for Daisy - she has had a lovely day too. Beautiful warm sunshine and three different locations to mouse in - she so appreciates a bit of a rummage in new territory at lunch-times.

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  1. Another hate of ours is people on water points doing their washing