Saturday, 8 January 2011

Black Country Living Museum

We had intended to moor outside this museum after spending 5 nights in B'ham (that was late November!), so Lesley and I took the bus in instead. They have a large piece of land with an original coal mine and an original canal arm down to the lime kilns - the rest has been constructed from local buildings taken down and rebuilt into a 19th C/early 20thC town. As such, it is still growing - they are currently building, amongst other things, a period fairground.
It's a nice way to do it as these vehicles aren't just stuck in a museum, but are displayed as if for sale in a garage showroom and are seen driving around 'town'.

Although many of the shops are selling goods, I doubt you'd be allowed to buy one of these motorcycles at the advertised prices of £55-£75.

The guy in charge of the canal section kindly invited us into "Peacocks" boatman's cabin for a natter and admitted that he was disappointed as no money has, so far, been forthcoming for the renovation of the dock area. As you can see from the pics further on, the site is reminiscent of the dereliction of the 1960s rather than the thriving, bustling dock that it would have been in the era depicted.

What was particularly scary was that I recognised the bedroom furniture in one of the houses - my mum had the identical pieces; but then she is 92 and if her mum passed it down to her.......none the less, it's a bit weird when you remember stuff that's in a museum.

I clearly remember this in mum & dad's bedroom - headboard, bedside table, dressing table and wardrobe with identical decoration.

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