Saturday, 29 January 2011

Ma Pardoe's (The Olde Swan), Netherton.

Going back in time doesn't need a time machine, a 15 min walk from the canal at the Bumble Hole will see you going back 120 years.
Ma Pardoe's as its affectionately known is a wonderful example of what a pub should be; four bitters on tap, which are brewed on the premises, would put this in the category of home brewing at its best.

This is the ceiling, and dates back to the late 1800s, reputed to be one of the oldest suspended ceilings in the country, the only other surviving one of it's era is said to live in Australia.

This old sign says it all, in fact the beer I took to was 3rd in the Great British Beer Festival last year and was probably one of the best real ales I have ever tasted Old Swan Entire, however, Jill decided that The Bumble Hole was her favourite.

Ma Pardoe herself who only handed over the reigns about 30 years ago
The Olde Swan has only recently re-opened under new ownership, Tim is the landlord and front of house, and the brewer is also a  partner. With this type of partnership this excellent establishment  should carry on for years.
The architecture of the building is amazing - a myriad of rooms and corridors, one of the former housing a mighty organ which, we were told, is Tim's pet and gets played fairly regularly with only the smallest of twists to his arm.
You can eat almost anywhere (room wise) and the upper floor is a dedicated restaurant - the menu looks excellent and the prices reasonable for good food. We are coming up to our 3rd anniversary afloat and would love to have eaten here for our celebration but, unfortunately, the timing is wrong.


  1. I spent my last moments as a bachelor in the pub before walking up the hill to get married to a local girl. Glad to see it is still thriving.(as is my wife 30 odd years later!)

  2. Congratulations to all 3 of you - although I think the pub has seen some hard times, but is now thriving!

  3. i went there as a student at Brum university and also for a few years later when i worked at Lucas industries in Shirley. A great pub and it is good to see it is still going strong. I live near another interesting pub now, the Barley Mow in Kirk Ireton