Saturday, 29 January 2011

My wish was granted and I was up at dawn.

Friday a.m. I thought I detected a little brighter light through the bedroom mushroom than I had seen for a day or 6 - our bedroom is pitch black until the daylight creeps through the mushroom vent. So I hopped (OK crawled) out of bed and waited for the sun to rise over the embankment and hit the bark on the copse of Silver Birch trees   adjacent - it is such a pretty spot and the photos hadn't done it justice due to the grot weather.
 A beautiful golden glow made this a lovely start to the day.
 In view of the predicted cold snap, we moved across to the visitor centre for water and a cuppa/natter. I off-loaded some books and unwanted china and enquired about the fallen oak that we had spotted. They had no-one with a chainsaw to sort it so, being helpful people, we offered to clear it from the path for them and tidy it up! (Much more wood on this roof and we'll be re-naming the boat 'Rock'n Roll - sorry Carol).
 "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK," - even got the shirt to prove it.
 I got a bit bored being elf and safety person (not to mention cold) so snapped a few pics whilst waiting to dial 999 for an ambulance - fortunately my services were not required.
 Cobbs Engine house looking majestic in the clear blue skies

 Definitely getting bored - I'd much rather be doing.

 Walked the dogs (3 today as we had Dylan) and then rewarded his hard work and my (im)patience with a pint at the Weatsheaf.
 By the time we left we were greeted to a beautiful setting sun.

Fish & chip supper and 'The Hustle' on the telly. Perfick.

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