Monday, 10 January 2011

OTHER people are starting to move

Browsing the blogs today, people are starting to move, but not us I'm afraid. All though we haven't had minus figures for quite a few days, Birmingham is built on a hill and the wind chill is still considerable. We desperately need some workboats through here - we can't break it. Still, we can move half a mile in each direction now and that (yipee) includes the waterpoint.
The dogs don't care about doing the same old walk every day - this is the local park and Muttley found a ball and is very pleased with himself
Although he's not very sure what to do with it now he's found it - take it home and show Floyd I suppose.

View of Birmingham skyline from the park. I sooooo want to be back in the country away from the litter and buildings. Daisy's playground is the private undercover garaging for the posh flats - not a mouse to be seen anywhere. Baxter? He just sleeps. We're all going stir crazy - we have been here 51 days.

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