Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Entertainment & a spot of new year shoplifting.

Two more trips to the Symphony Hall (I must own shares in the place by now) both with Lesley from NB Caxton - one afternoon of Strauss
and another with the Glenn Miller Orchestra for some good old swing
Sorry the pics are so lousy but we had a 'jobsworth' in our seating area.

Lesley and I ventured across the other side of the city to get odds and ends not available our side. I needed 5 items from Boots and was able to find 4 of them. We then moved onto W H Smiths; when we left the alarm went off. An assistant approached me (extremely affably) and asked what I'd purchased and responded that none of the items would have been alarmed. She asked if I'd shopped elsewhere and had I bought anything with a flat strip. Rummaging in my rucksack I came up with Boots' mascara. She offered to 'de-magnetise' it but it didn't seem to be causing the problem when we waived it in the security barriers, so she sent us on our way. I offered her my rucksack to search but she wasn't interested. Further on, I nipped into the bigger branch of Boots to get the 5th item and as I walked in, the store alarm went off. Yep....dawning realisation...when I walked out it was going to go off again!!! Now what did I do with the receipt for the items purchased in the other branch? I have (no, HAD) a terrible habit of screwing up receipts and handing them back for the assistants to put in their bin. No sign of receipt, Lesley very calm - me on my 3rd litter of kittens. We left the store, alarm went off, we continued, waiting for a hand on the shoulder (or have I been watching too much telly?) as we regained the pavement. Nothing. That was it. Nothing. Bit of an anti-climax really - not that I wanted to spend the afternoon in the police station arguing the toss.
Funny though; all this security and one store just waived me on, whilst another didn't even respond to their alarm.

PS. The reason that I needed a new mascara was because my existing one froze in the barrel and the entire 'blacking' came out in a cylinder on the end of the brush!!

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