Monday, 31 January 2011

Animals at Bumblehole

 There's nothing like a snooze on the shelf behind the chimney - it's also where we put the wine to warm when Daisy isn't occupying it.

 Dylan is so tiny that he's quite happy to flop out on the stool when he comes to visit - I love the way that he warms my slippers for me.
 Our boys look on with incredulity that anyone, except Daisy, could fit on such a small space.
 The 3 of them have had a bit too much to drink and a few too many porky scratchings before crashing out, in a blur, on the pub floor.
 It's not just greyhounds that do sheepskins!
 Daisy sharpens her weapons
 and then does her, "help, I'm stuck" routine. I ignore it now and leave her too it - she soon catches me up when she realises I'm not swallowing it.

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