Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Can't get it right all the time

We left the Museum moorings yesterday and went up to Tipton through the 3 Factory Locks on the 'new' main line. We had to queue behind another boat going down (outrageous) and another boat was waiting to come up - oh look it's our mates (Rupert & Dylan on NB Jacala), so they didn't bother with the locks, but winded and followed us. Shortly after we passed Brian & Ghost on NB Kyle venturing in the opposite direction.

We turned right off the main line down the Netherton Tunnel Branch and, once clear of the tunnel I walked the 3 dogs down to the very low and very narrow Gosty Hill Tunnel, heading down to the terminus of Dudley no. 2 Canal at Hawne Basin. There were, however, no visitor moorings and it was nearly dark, so we were forced to moor by the road on the inbdustrial estate. Oh well.

 The view from the other side was OK and just a hop over the bridge onto Monarch's Way for dog walking
 but it was very muddy.....
 ...and far from ideal as I (not himself, of course, who can sleep through anything) was woken at 4.00am by people driving into the yard to pick up their lorries for the day's work. Not helped by a loose manhole cover - kerchunk each time it was driven over.
 Needless to say, we moved on today and it didn't stop raining.


  1. Hi Paul,
    You are absolutely right, but unfortunately for us on this occasion there was no room at the inn, it being winter and all the moorings were full.