Monday, 17 January 2011


First thing this morning (and I do mean FIRST thing) we set off the other side of the canal. Dave, at Lyons boatyard, started work on our engine. New engine mounts and legs and the engine re-aligned plus something else new which I can't remember but, Sarah (boss lady) sez will stop the best china from clinking about in the cupboards and the engine from rattling itself to death. G & I  availed ourselves of the excellent, and very reasonably priced, on-site breakfast in the 'Butty' cafe before catching a bus into Kings Heath to do some shopping as, once Dave started work we had no power, it was best to be out of the way. Then I took the dogs for a long walk in the positively springlike sunshine. Wow! Countryside AND sunshine. By the time I returned, Dave had finished for the day and we are on electric hook-up. I think it's nearly 3 years since that's happened. It's 8.30 and the washing machine is running and we've found a switch which runs an immersion heater. It's so exciting.
Just to put the icing on the cake, crossing the cut has provided me with enough signal to insert the missing photos from the previous blog. Any ideas on how I can make this last for a little bit longer? Nah, probably not a good idea...we'd only get soft(er).
Anyway, must go ........ I'm off to heat the milk for my hot chocolate in the microwave.

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