Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Someone's made a break for it!

Our mate Brian and his dog, Ghost, made a break for it in the direction of Wolverhampton this morning on NB Kyle. We did all the, "great to have met up again, take care, see you round the cut," bit. Needn't have bothered - he was back 2 hours later!

Oh well. At least our new curtains look cheerful

..and here is a VERY rare sight....she normally wacks him one if he as much as looks in her direction.


  1. Please give Brian our best wishes if he is still with you.

    Brian and Diana on NB Harnser

  2. Hi Brian,
    passed them on, he sends his regards. He managed to get as far as the Netherton Tunnel then was stopped dead by Ice.

  3. Now there's a sight I never thought to see - Graham at the sewing machine. Where did I go wrong - Rog wouldn't even know which side was up!! xxx

  4. I know,luv him, he bakes a mean cake too (no,I'm NOT doing the oil changes).