Monday, 28 October 2013

Dorchester to Shipton on Cherwell

Big gap again but still having time and signal problems where do the hours disappear to! I love the village of Dorchester on Thames

I'm surprised this hasn't invited a smash and grab!
'I'm coming out,'  'No, I'm coming in'. 'Just sit and admire the view for a bit then shall we?'

 Waiting for the lock to get back onto the South Oxford and here comes No Problem - whoops, has Sue forgotten about this turn? Yes!!
 No harm done and it teaches me that everyone can make mistakes and the world doesn't end - everytime I make a mistake it knocks my confidence; I must learn to take them in my stride 
 bit of a hold up here whilst they worked on the lift bridge and we all had a cuppa and a natter whilst the job was finished off

 soon on our way as they worked through their lunch hour to set us free
somewhere along the way we picked up more wood and then stopped and sorted it before mooring at Thrupp and eating at The Boat with Sue and Vic, Brian and Diana and Bones and Alex. I was absolutely shattered; far too long a day for me but the excellent company gave me a second wind (no rude comments please). We moored on the little road (first time ever) expecting an early morning coal delivery that didn't come which meant Daisy cat had to stay in for two nights-not a happy bunny!


  1. Talk about name and shame... good job Sue is your friend and fellow Tiller Girl, goodness knows what you would have said otherwise... LOL

    BTW do you know how to use the video function on your camera, just in case there is a third 'hit and run' ??

    Yes I know I've got no room to speak as I chickened out of my chance to steer both NP & MR earlier this year, but in my defence I haven't undertaken the tiller girl course yet as I don't look good in drag... LOL

    1. I did make sure she came clean first! You always make me laugh Kevin -PLEASE don't go away. The offer of MRs tiller always stands and I'll be the judge of how you look in drag!!!