Thursday, 10 October 2013

Today didn't go as planned

They rarely do.
 A short hop through Godstow Lock, down passed Port Meadow and into Osney (Oxford) for a Tesco delivery. That's as far as we went as the wind was evil so we called it a day

Last night was full of dramatic skies
 as the predicted front came through
 and this morning a boat passed as we were about to leave so we suggested NP went through with them with a Tesco delivery imminent - I locked both boats through as, inevitably now it seems, the locks are on DIY 
 the light and shade this morning was so intense

MR on the lock landing whilst I work the lock
 a fair old assortment of derelicts
 and look at this tree felling going on - Vic and I were apoplectic. The piles sorted by lengths of wood of similar diameter - producing a Hannibal Lectar salivation from me

 Nice, but unusual, decoration on the side of this narra

 and then a long circular walk up to the South Oxford Canal and Wolvercote Lock before returning across Port Meadow and the Thames Path 
 a lovely walk and, with Sue's good planning, the majority of the wind at our backs
 we met a fair few cyclists today that I would have gladly dunked but, sadly, Muttley didn't perform


  1. I've got a sneaking feeling that G & V might be teaming up to undertake a midnight raid on that boaters gold tonight.... LOL

    1. Rigging up a pulley system with the kayak as I type!