Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Left or right?

Braunston or Stoke Bruerne?
G completed his 800 odd mile Xmas excursion by fetching me back from Norfolk. We arrived back about 4.00pm - tired and hungry with little more than a pint of milk and a packet of cat food (which is ok warmed up with a can of beans - bugger, we're out of beans!)
We soon had the fire roaring and the menagerie happily settled plus, with shore power, the washing machine working overtime. This morning we were up early with G off to Tescos for a major shop before returning the hire car at 12. Good old Enterprise dropped him back and we were out of marina land (like the water and power occasionally but hate pontoon living). I lay awake last night listening to the boat next door banging against the pontoon finger.
The wind has been horrendous today and tomorrow's forecast is not a lot better-so might not go anywhere as we are very tired. Can't be bothered to make the left/ right decision today.
Good news; our gold licence has come. Bad news; our new Vulcan stove fan doesn't work properly and will have to go back. Hassle.


  1. Greetings
    When you finally (if ever) get a working Vulcan fan would you do a review of it, as I am very interested in one.


  2. Hi BWP,
    I will do that once I have one back, your comment (if Ever) is slightly worrying have you had a problem?

  3. Hi

    No but as they say I know a man who has, he finally went for a refund