Friday, 16 December 2011

A blast of hot air

I suggested G went to find a bus stop which would take him into Daventry, or anywhere really that would provide me with a hairdryer as well as the other stuff we needed. I'm sorry if this sounds a bit precious but, you know what they say, 'walk a mile in Jill's shoes  before.......' You see G is never in a rush in the mornings until he is ready. Then he needs to go now. At this time of the year, with temperatures close to freezing, it's not a lot of fun to set off down the towpath with wet hair dripping down your neck! Anyway, excellent feller that he (sometimes) is, he trundled off to Braunston's bus stop meaning that I had about 3 hours for my own agenda. I still hadn't achieved breakfast when he returned, throwing his rucksack into the boat, and muttering that A J Canopy's were shutting for the holidays in an hour but had 2 machinists free who could fix our cratch cover - usual story; caught on the side of a lock - if we took it down there now. Anyway, cover removed in a panic and delivered he still made the bus and I still - just- had time to give the dogs a run before picking up the cover - £20 and the bottom piece replaced as well as the studs. A J's are brilliant. Himself returned with all things on the list and I managed to get the cratch cover refitted, the dogs walked, the food shopping done and dinner made before  he returned. Plenty of hot air on this boat again!

I've never seen Braunston so deserted, you can moor just about anywhere you want at the moment. Every other time we've been through-no matter what time of the year- mooring has been like being in the queue for the first day of Harrod's sale.
 Not a  single boat on this stretch outside the marina (left below) and we are one of only two on the other side of the bridge
 The footbridge over the marina with my boys posing up on high
 Re-building the towpath by the pump house

 It really is a lovely spot

 Looking down on the marina from the bridge


  1. You stopped me from commenting on a grumpy old woman - as if I would anyway?
    ...but can't miss the Harrods sale - 'Have you Beeeeeen?'
    X lesley

  2. I stopped you? When did I ever stop you doing anything? Of course I nipped up to Harrods and bought a couple of nifty little sparkling xmas dresses to go with my hiking boots. I'm surprised I didn't see you there xxx

  3. Are you staying in the Braunston area over Christmas? If you are, we might see you -- we may get as far as Braunston in our three days on board.

  4. Adam, sadly no. We are moving on tomorrow and will be putting MR in Gayton Marina, whilst we pick up a hire car to visit family. We may well come back for New Year though. Merry Christmas to you both.